Formfutura 2.85mm Premium PLA filament - Strong Black™ - 2.3 Kg

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Formfutura 2.85mm Premium PLA filament - Strong Black™ - 2.3 Kg

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EasyFil™ PLA is a high-end “easy to use” 3D printer filament, which is slightly modified with an impact modifier making the filament tougher, slightly softer, less rigid, much longer preservable and easy to print at relatively low temperatures.

Another great advantage of EasyFil™ PLA – compared to regular PLA – is EasyFil™’s low shrinkage factor, which makes EasyFil™ PLA nearly warp-free and therefore EasyFil™ PLA will not deform after cooling. Due to its low tendency to warp EasyFil™ PLA can be printed without a heated print bed. If your printer is however equipped with a heated print bed we recommend to set your heat bed temperature to ± 35° to 60°C.
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Colour:White (RAL ±9003)
Filament Net Weight:± 8 Kg
Material:EasyFil™ PLA - PolyLactic Acid
Diameter:1.75 mm
Diameter Tolerance:± 0.05 mm
Print Temperature Guideline:± 210° C
Melting Temperature:210° C
Glass Transition Temperature:-
Ovalidity Tolerance (max):0.05 mm
Density (21.5°C):1240 kg/m³
Print Speed Guideline:40 - 80 mm/s
Impact Strength:7,5 KJ/m2
Tensile Modulus:3310 Mpa (MD), 3860 Mpa (TD)
Yield Strength:-

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